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Leland Gebhardt

My commercial work extends over a wide gamut. Architecture interiors & exteriors are my biggest passion. I inherited that interest from my design background. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design from ASU and always wanted a BA in Architecture.

I love capturing people, I'm a people person. At the end of any long shoot everyone has had a great time with the process and are thrilled with the images captured. Whether indoors or out, I can do a fantastical design of lighting or keep it super minimal, but yes always very flattering lighting and editing.

Wedding Photography is another type of story I love to capture, It's always a fun day even though I'm working. It's relaxing and fun to me how much clicking I can do each hour and produce so many phenomenal jaw-dropping images. I love getting to use both natural light and some seriously crafted lighting to make everyone as giddy as I love being. Engagement sessions are a great way for couples to see how I work and to become acquainted with me.

Questions are always welcome, let me know if you have any!  -Leland




based in beautiful downtown Phoenix, Arizona

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